Visit Mount Kenya Tours is a travel company based in Nairobi, Kenya. The founders of the company desired to provide quality customer experience in travel and tourism in the East African region and indeed Africa. We were all motivated by the belief that great experiences build great companies.

Having extensively traveled within Africa, the we discovered how beautiful Africa is, a serene environment where wild animals roam freely. We deeply got committed to the renaissance of Africa, her land, wildlife and all her people. We believe that the African heritage of wild animals, cultural diversity, history and beautiful sceneries ought to be recognized as the continent’s most precious natural resources and under all cost be conserved hence giving back to the local communities and the world at large

We are wild about wildlife, excited about the natural world, and extremely proud to call Kenya our home. Your trip of a lifetime deserves the very best planning. We attend to all of the details of your Kenya safari touring with professional care. You deserve to fulfill every desire on your safari bucket list. We offer a unique selection of itineraries that turn your dreams into realities.

Visit Mount Kenya Tours has superior safari programs and we also give you a chance to make your tailor made itineraries if our itineraries is not matching with your travel arrangement. Our itineraries allow you to have the maximum time in the game reserves, where wildlife is abundant. Our in-depth knowledge of the wild helps you get closer to the action. Traveling with local experts gives you an insider perspective on the famous destinations and seeks out Kenya’s secret gems.